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  Primorsko vacation rentals  
Primorsko vacation rentals; 273,600.00 EUR
Price: 273,600.00 EUR; 186,048.00 GBP; 361,152.00 USD;
Location: Primorsko
Type: Industrial
Living: 500.00 sq. m.
Land: 0.00 sq. m.
Excellent business idea! This plot of 3 800 sq.m is in the charming popular vacation sea town of Primorsko and just 52 km from the splendid sea city of Bourgas which is the 4th biggest city in Bulgaria - well-prospering and having all modern amenities and an air-port and a port as well. The industr ntals_12599.html - Similar properties
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For sale Regulated Land in Batak, Pazardzhik
- Regulated Land
- Batak /Batak/, Pazardzhik
- 36,000.00 EUR
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  Sunny Beach  vacation rentals  
Sunny Beach vacation rentals; 185,000.00 EUR
Price: 185,000.00 EUR; 125,800.00 GBP; 244,200.00 USD;
Location: Sunny Beach
Type: Hotel
Living: 650.00 sq. m.
Land: 0.00 sq. m.
The hotel is situated in the most popular beach resort on our Black Sea coast Sunny Beach, 35 km from the town of Bourgas where is the biggest airport on the whole coast, and 90km from the sea capital Varna. The resort is visited by thousands of tourists from all parts of the world not only in the s .html - Similar properties
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  Apartment rentals in Bansko  
Apartment rentals in Bansko; 165,000.00 EUR
Price: 165,000.00 EUR; 112,200.00 GBP; 217,800.00 USD;
Location: Bansko
Type: House
Living: 120.00 sq. m.
Land: 100.00 sq. m.
The property is situated in a nice village only 6 km away from the attractive ski resort of Bansko and 170 km away from the capital city of Sofia. It is a wonderful mountain area with beautiful landscape. The village is near a river and a nice spa resort. The area is suitable for fishing and hunting tml - Similar properties
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  Villas for rent Bansko  
Villas for rent Bansko; 165,000.00 EUR
Price: 165,000.00 EUR; 112,200.00 GBP; 217,800.00 USD;
Location: Bansko
Type: House
Living: 140.00 sq. m.
Land: 350.00 sq. m.
A really great offer!                  It’s a nice and quiet village, hidden in the slopes of Pirin mountain. It’s only 10 km from the famous ski resort of Bansko. There are spa springs near the village and - Similar properties
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  Varna vacation rentals  
Varna vacation rentals; 112,000.00 EUR
Price: 112,000.00 EUR; 76,160.00 GBP; 147,840.00 USD;
Location: Varna
Type: Luxury property
Living: 90.00 sq. m.
Land: 0.00 sq. m.
Exclusive offer! This top attractive property is situated close to the centre of a nice village only 28 km away from the wonderful sea capital of Varna, which is the third biggest city in Bulgaria, having an airport, a big port and many places of interest which attract foreign and native tourists. 12653.html - Similar properties
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  Apartment rentals in Byala  
Apartment rentals in Byala; 105,000.00 EUR
Price: 105,000.00 EUR; 71,400.00 GBP; 138,600.00 USD;
Location: Byala
Type: Land
Living: 0.00 sq. m.
Land: 3,000.00 sq. m.
The town of Byala is slightly bigger than the near-by Obzor. It is situated 45 km. away from Varna.  Once there was an ancient Greek fortress, named Aspro, in the neighbourhood. Before the reunification of the Bulgarian state in 1885, the border between the Bulgarian Principality and Eastern l - Similar properties
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  Property for rent in Dospat  
Property for rent in Dospat; 82,500.00 EUR
Price: 82,500.00 EUR; 56,100.00 GBP; 108,900.00 USD;
Location: Dospat
Type: House
Living: 140.00 sq. m.
Land: 0.00 sq. m.
The property is a new three-storey all brick-made building. The house has all the needed facilities for comfortable living close to the nature. The property has electricity, running water, canalization. There is inner bathroom and a toilet on each floor. It offers also a basement of 140 sq. m. and a tml - Similar properties
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  Аpartment rentals in Varna  
Аpartment rentals in Varna; 81,600.00 EUR
Price: 81,600.00 EUR; 55,488.00 GBP; 107,712.00 USD;
Location: Varna
Type: Apartment
Living: 102.00 sq. m.
Land: 0.00 sq. m.
This is an exceptionally advantageous bargain! We are offering twelve new apartments in a new complex in Spanish style with area of 5000sq.m. The apartments are situated in a nice and calm district Vinitsa of the beautiful city of Varna – the sea capital of Bulgaria, where an airport and a pАpartment-rentals-in-Varna_1349 0.html - Similar properties
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  villas for rent Varna  
villas for rent Varna; 78,000.00 EUR
Price: 78,000.00 EUR; 53,040.00 GBP; 102,960.00 USD;
Location: Varna
Type: House
Living: 130.00 sq. m.
Land: 700.00 sq. m.
Varna Black Sea coast offers a combination of marvellous conditions for sea tourism, rich cultural heritage and incredible nature. The sea capital of Varna gives opportunities for pleasant recreation at seaside, entertainment and cultural tourism. The town is rich in museums, theatres, art gallerie - Similar properties
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  Razlog apartment rentals  
Razlog apartment rentals; 71,500.00 EUR
Price: 71,500.00 EUR; 48,620.00 GBP; 94,380.00 USD;
Location: Bansko
Type: House
Living: 60.00 sq. m.
Land: 100.00 sq. m.
This is realy advantageous offer.The property is situated in one of the best ski-resorts of Bulgaria – Bansko which is popular among many foreign tourists for its pleasantly mild climate and gorgeous scenery.Many people appreciate for it clean and healthy air,crystal water and virgin nature.Th - Similar properties

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